Content Creation is a people’s business

We are your breeding ground in which you can plant and develop your creativity.

Frimeso opens the door to customized management-solutions tailored to your needs, provided by professionals for professionals. You are at the center of it all, you and your quest to create excellent content for your community.

Our focus on specific targeted audiences helps us to compelling synergies that benefit you:

I am Christian Kläs, the founder of Frimeso. I worked in various roles within and outside the digital media industry and for almost a decade for a Nasdaq Media-Tech company in Europe. I saw great content throughout my professional life, not getting past the audiences’ technical and human gatekeepers, thus getting lost and not living up to the potential it deserves. Behind all great content is a creator. Together we break the status quo, boost your content, and support you as your daily companion.

I live with my wife and my two children in Luxembourg. I have lived in six countries and have two business degrees in business and management.

Our blog

Content Creation & Business

Once a month, we post a new article on digital media and content creation, how to become an influencer, and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Stay tuned!

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Our podcasts

Die besten Jahre

In this series, we strive to understand better those who did not grow up with digital media from an early age. While our Podcast is in German, there will be blog posts on all topics in English. We discuss how to confront individual, financial, digital, and social challenges that naturally arise when finding yourself in the second half of life with our guests.

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Trip Trap

Our Trip Trap podcast is directed at business travellers themselves as well as people that engage in some way or another with the challenges of professional commuting or mobility.

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