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In this series, we strive to better understand those who did not grow up with digital media from an early age. While our Podcast is in German, there are blog posts on all topics in English.
With our guests, we discuss how to confront individual, financial, digital, and social challenges that naturally arise when finding yourself in the second half of life.

You find written summaries of all of our episodes in English below.

New episodes

Episode 7 – Bernd Linnhoff, Journalist, Author, Expat, Blogger

Bernd Linnhoff, passionate blogger and once a chief soccer reporter for a German news agency, made a reality what many of us just dream about: shortly before his 60th birthday, he left his home country and moved to Thailand. In this episode, he talks about his motivations, his expat life and shares insights into this fascinating country and culture.

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Frank Leyhausen

Episode 6 – Frank Leyhausen, SENovation Award, Strengthening the Silver Economoy

Frank Leyhausen, the Managing Partner of MedCom International and Founder of the SENovation Award, talks to us about challenges and opportunities within the “Longevity Economy.” The Award honors Startups and business ideas that offer solutions for the needs of an aging society. We look at already successful candidates from the past. We also learn how to build an excellent product for senior citizens. Below you find an English summary of the German Podcast.

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Episode 5 – Dr. med. Stefan Woinoff, expert for love

The medical specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, Dr. Stefan Woinoff, is the Expert for love relationships. He discusses with us how the pandemic has changed the lives of couples and singles. We also elaborate on issues like loneliness, problems in marriage or partnerships, and how people can find new love at any stage of their lives. You see the English version of the blog below.

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Social Media Berater, Josef Rankl

Episode 4 – Josef Rankl, the Social Media Consultant

The social media consultant, Josef Rankl, shares his vast experience in social media marketing and explains why further engagement on social platforms is worthwhile for companies and individuals at any time and no matter at what age. Find below an English summary of the German podcast.

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Episode 3 – Michael Will, Digitale Heinzelmännchen (Digital Helpers)

The company name refers to a local tale according to which little creatures executed all Cologne’s citizens’ work overnight. By providing their services to the older half of the population, Michael Will and his team help bridge the digital divide and open a new horizon full of digital opportunities for people who have not grown up in the digital era.

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In this series, we will be discussing anything that concerns people being in the second part of their life. While our Podcast will be in German, you see below a summary of what we plan to cover in this blog.

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