Welcome to Trip Trap - the podcast for business travelers as well as people that engage in some way or another with the challenges of professional commuting or mobility.

Why this podcast – Trip Trap?

This podcast is intended to provide a forum for travelers but also for those who are in some way involved with the topic. We want to find out together how you can meet the typical challenges of everyday travel.

Every two weeks, I introduce you to people who travel, commute or are otherwise related to the subject of business travel.


The underestimated economic power of the business travel industry

According to Statista, the number of business trips by German companies increased steadily between 2009 and 2019. We have reached almost 200 million business trips a year and this figure does not even include the many travel activities from commuters. The Association of German Travel Management (VDR) calculates on its homepage that in 2019, 55.3 billion euros were spent on business trips.

Obviously, the numbers for 2020 will be significantly lower. Many digital products that can replace a meeting, for example, have now reached absolute mainstream. Nevertheless, it remais very unlikely that business travel will be significantly reduced in the long term given our internationalized economy.

The major aircraft manufacturers are already giving us an indication of this. Airbus, for example, expects a full economic recovery by 2023. But even if it may take a little bit longer and this prediction affects air travel in general and not just business travel, it gives aa good indication that players of the travel industry are well prepared for the recovery.

And even if this boundless optimism may not be shared by everyone in the industry, the topic of business travel remains relevant for Germany as an export nation, as well as for Austria and Switzerland. So many jobs depend on this market …

There are now many great portals and blogs that deal with these topics.


Questions we will tackle over the next weeks

When does a business trip make sense? What do I have to consider during the booking? How can your company save money in the organisation of business trips? To what extent can and will video conferences replace on-site meetings beyond the Corona period?

We will equally talk to affected travelers: How do I travel relaxed and how can I combine work and pleasure ? Which means of transport is the right one for me? How do I give presentations in another language?
Or also: How many people in the DACH region are affected by constantly having to commute to their workplace. And how is your day-to-day work like under such conditions?

But all of this is only the tip of the iceberg!


Thank you for being there.

We wish you a nice trip!


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