Together ahead!

Develop your content business within 12 months only

Increase your impact in your community

Strengthen your online profile and your own brand by implementing the right strategy

Monetize your great potential

Work with the right brands: Our focus on certain target groups provides you with the right network

Do your own thing

We take care of all other tasks that are holding you back from reaching your goal

There for you

Our Focus on specific target groups  allows us to build longstanding and trustworthy relationships with brands, content creators, interest groups and the targeted audience.

You are at the centre of it all.

We help you build your own brand that suits you and that will propel your business to the next level.

No matter what you need. We only work with the best external and internal partners on the field. While we truly embrace innovation, and we do hold up traditional values like trust, honesty, and accountability.

Frimeso loves technology and is constantly developing together with you additional distribution channels that funnel content directly to your community.

Our blog

Content Creation & Business

Our blog is dedicated to articles on digital media and content creation, and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Stay tuned!

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Our podcasts


Die besten Jahre

In this series, we strive to better understand those who did not grow up with digital media from an early age. While our Podcast is in German, there will be blog posts on all topics in English. We discuss how to confront individual, financial, digital, and social challenges that naturally arise when finding yourself in the second half of life with our guests.

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Trip Trap

Our Trip Trap podcast is directed at business travellers themselves as well as people that engage in some way or another with the challenges of professional commuting or mobility.

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